Bolingbroke Breaker Handicap 10K

Bolingbroke Breaker Handicap 10K times

HT = handicap time , AT = actual time, D=difference

1st Leanne Rickett HT 51min, AT 49min 40sec D -1min 20sec
2nd Noel Bradley HT 59min, AT 58min 43sec D -17 seconds
3rd Emma Marshall-telfer HT 49min, AT 48min 54 sec D -6 seconds
4th Angela Thompson HT 50min, AT 49min 57sec D -3 seconds
J5th Sharon Sykes HT 54min, AT 53min 58sec D -2 seconds
J5th Martin Chapman HT 54min, AT 53min 58sec D -2 seconds
7th Graham Ireland HT 44min, AT 44min 24sec D +24 seconds
8th Andy Shelton HT 43min, AT 43min 38sec D +38 seconds
9th Alistair Frost HT 48min, AT 49min 18sec, D +1min 18sec
10th Amy Lambley HT 60min, AT 61min 45sec, D +1min 45sec
11th Daniel Francis HT 53min, AT 55min 55sec, D +2min 55sec
12th Laura Stott-Allworthy HT 49min, AT 53min 0sec D +4min
13th Frances Tea Na HT 61min, AT 70min, 22sec D +9min 22sec
14th Sean Brennan, lets not talk about the time as his dog took the scenic route