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Bolingbroke Breaker

The Bolingbroke Breaker is a series of 3 runs held in the picturesque village of Old Bolingbroke ( Approximately 4 miles from Spilsby ) These runs consist of challenging hills  on quiet country lanes. They are well sign posted and marshalled and have a drinks stations that you pass twice. Cost of entry is £4 and all entries are taken on the night. Registration is at the Black Horse Inn from 6pm and the start will be at 7.15pm.

July 25th 10K results

134-25Mark SandsSkegness & District
237-47Jack JohnsonCleethorpes AC
337-51Paul JacksonSkegness & District
438-17Alex HoggardSelby Striders
538-55Steven DowseUnattached
639-34Kevin GarrickUnattached
739-55Chris TaylorLouth Tri
839-55Gary PawsonUnattached
940-54Ed CrawfordSkegness & District
1041-36Jack DarnellCleethorpes AC
1141-41Mike SkeltonCleethorpes AC
1241-50Jim GibneyWolds Vets
1342-54Dave GibneyWolds Vets
1443-19Patrick JamesSleaford Striders
1543-23Paul MarwoodUnattached
1643-31Rich HarrisonSelby Striders
1743-53Matt WestSkegness & District
1844-03Gary McNabbSpa Steamers
1944-09Oliver MartinSkegness & District
2044-21Olli TiainerSpa Steamers
2144-33Adrian GlennSpa Steamers
2244-35Peter WassLincoln Wellington
2344-36Scott DanielSkegness & District
2444-53Oliver WintripLincoln Wellington
2544-56Kelvin ClementsUnattached
2645-14Lee SkeltonUnattached
2745-25William WoodUnattached
2845-41David WillertonWolds Vets
2945-50Richard BurrowsSkegness & District
3046-25John BurtonBoston CR
3146-27Robert RennieSkegness Coasters
3246-38Nick HallamUnattached
3346-51John RobinsonUnattached
3447-07Martin ChapmanSkegness & District
3548-37Molly McKaySkegness & District
3649-21Henry FletcherSpa Steamers
3749-39Ian CrutchleySkegness & District
3850-00Mick DeanLouth AC
3950-05Caroline ColleyLincoln Wellington
4050-50Mark LyonSkegness & District
4151-16Rebecca HodgsonUnattached
4251-18William RamirezUnattached
4351-20Kim Ward PawsonUnattached
4451-25Ruth EdisonLouth AC
4552-05James ProctorSkegness & District
4652-25Russell BrightSpa Steamers
4752-35Jane JamesSleford Striders
4853-16Dean ChalterWolds Vets
4953-20Tanya KnightBoston CR
5053-48Jim AramLincoln Wellington
5153-50Emily GelderSkegness & District
5253-59Chris WrightUnattached
5354-05Janet HarmstonSkegness Coasters
5454-12Dave KenyanSkegness & District
5555-06Guy WilleyMablethorpe
5655-11Sarah ShoresUnattached
5755-22Becky LeeSkegness & District
5855-25Zoe BrownUnattached
5955-30Martin BeagleySkegness & District
6056-06Clare KoslowLouth AC
6156-45Brian LeeUnattached
6257-28Daniel SimpsonBoston CR
6357-34Jane MartinSkegness & District
6457-34Guy HattonVegan Runners
6558-02Rachel ConwayBoston CR
6658-12Lee CookSkegness & District
6758-21Richard TitchmarshLincoln Wellington
6858-24David Cooper Unattached
6958-50Sarah SmithSkegness & District
7059-01Odette ArundelSkegness & District
7159-01Catriona KissUnattached
7259-28Lou TrussSpa Steamers
7359-38Miranda HillSkegness & District
7459-51Julie SandifordSkegness & District
7560-26Charmane HolgateSkegness & District
7660-26Sam FoxSkegness & District
7761-11Janet CawleyLincoln Wellington
7862-57Graham FarleySkegness & District
7963-55Charlotte TurnbullSkegness & District
8064-53Heather FreemanSkegness & District
8165-20Lora HawkinsSkegness & District
8267-02Barry NortonSkegness & District
8367-49Emily AvisonSkegness Coasters
8469-03Debbie CumberworthUnattched
8569-04Debbie CussonsSkegness Coasters
8669-46Jane ClementBoston CR
8770-40Janet NortonSkegness & District
8872-21Louise DarringtonSkegness & District
8979-27Mel PixsleyCaistor
9079-27Mark PageCaistor


June 27th  8 mile results

148-04Jack JohnsonCleethorpes
248-32William KellySkegness & District
350-48Paul JacksonSkegness & District
451-02Steven DowseUnattached
551-44Gary PawsonUnattached
653-09Patrick LiddellUnattached
753-13Kirk ConroyUnattached
854-15Jack DarnellCleethorpes
954-16Sam MarshallUnattached
1054-18Thomas WatsonUnattached
1154-26Ed CrawfordSkegness & District
1254-37Paul MarwoodUnattached
1354-43Claire CooneyUnattached
1454-44Tom CooneyUnattached
1556-27Sandy TelferSleaford Striders
1656-29Jim GibneyWolds Vets
1756-39Dave GibneyWolds Vets
1856-51Malcolm PackerWolds Vets
1957-16Robert RennieSkegness Coasters
2059-15Neil WalkerUnattached
2159-36Kelvin ClementsUnattached
2259-59Phil HortonSkegness & District
2360-40Jonathan FrancisSkegness & District
2460-43Ian RuddockUnattached
2561-33Alistair FrostSkegness & District
2661-41Jake FountainBoston CR
2761-43Andy BellCaistor
2861-45Martin ChapmanSkegness & District
2961-49Rowan BoothCaistor
3062-03Ashley EptonSkegness Tri
3162-35Ian RussellSkegness & District
3263-54David WillertonWolds Vets
3364-35Emma Marshall TelferSkegness & District
3464-43Mathew JonesUnattached
3565-23Angela ThompsonSkegness & District
3665-41Ian SmithCleethorpes
3766-09John RobinsonUnattached
3866-31Tanya KnightBoston CR
3967-08Dave SydenhamSkegness & District
4067-18Pete NichollsSkegness Tri
4168-40Trudy RobertsLouth
4269-16Chris HurstSkegness & District
4370-27Jim AramLincoln Wellington
4470-31Janet HarmstonSkegness Coasters
4570-38Kim PittamBoston CR
4670-41Ellen HardyUnattached
4770-59Zoe Brown Unattached
4871-17Odette ArundelSkegness & District
4971-38Becky LeeSkegness & District
5072-38Chris WrightUnattached
5172-55Ben PeelSkegness Coasters
5273-28Gill BellCaistor
5373-28Rod BurtonCaistor
5474-39Richard BarnettSkegness & District
5575-04Caroline BaileyUnattached
5675-27Maria YuillSkegness & District
5775-51Sarah-Jane EggletonUnattached
5875-55Charmane HolgateSkegness & District
5975-56Kim PawsonUnattached
6075-56Brian LeeUnattached
6176-28Emmajean HearnSkegness & District
6276-39Julie GoodwinSkegness & District
6376-46Sue SmithSkegness Coasters
6477-02Paul HarveySkegness Tri
6577-11Rachel ConwayBoston CR
6677-19Jackie RhodesSkegness Coasters
6778-06Carole TumberSkegness Coasters
6878-41Jane MartinSkegness & District
6978-41Sarah SmithSkegness & District
7079-04Julie SandifordSkegness & District
7179-10Nina SmithCleethorpes
7280-22Will FletcherSkegness & District
7380-39Becky GoodrickUK Mud Queens
7480-44Hayley BriggsUnattached
7580-52Sally CadleSkegness & District
7680-58Hilary SpellerSkegness & District
7781-09Emily AvisonSkegness Coasters
7882-12Sarah LawrenceUK Mud Queens
7982-51Stephanie HarterUnattached
8082-51Becky HodgsonUnattached
8184-23Lois SlowcombUnattached
8284-28Lora HawkinsSkegness & District
8387-31Barry NortonSkegness & District
8490-30Janet NortonSkegness & District


May 16th  10K Results

1Mark Sands34-36Skegness & District
2Ruslanas Seitkalijevas35-52Unattached
3William Kelly36-56Skegness & District
4Vitas Gapsevicius37-27Unattached
5Paul Jackson37-45Skegness & District
6Dave Allworthy38-15Lincoln Wellington
7Steven Douse38-24Unattached
8Rob Jackson39-04Holme Pierrepoint
9Leigh Macdonald39-21Lincoln Wellington
10Sam Marshall39-34Unattached
11Chris Reader39-44Skegness & District
12Giles Favell40-03Skegness & District
13David Burrell40-17Cleethorpes
14Paul Marwood40-43Unattached
15Aaron Marsh40-44Skegness & District
16Gary Pawson40-45Unattached
17Daniel Clark40-59Boston CR
18Ed Crawford42-24Skegness & District
19John Troop42-41Cleethorpes
20Matt West42-55Skegness & District
21Robert Rennie43-19Skegness Coasters
22Sandy Telfer43-30Sleaford Striders
23Martin Tebbs43-34Boston CR
24Gary McNab43-43Spa Steamers
25Neil Walker44-07Unattached
26Kelvin Clements44-11Unattached
27Gareth Lay44-14Mablethorpe
28James Ogley44-16Wolds Vets
29Joseph Rice Mundy44-36Mablethorpe
30Jake Fountain44-53Boston CR
31Stephen Spall45-01Cleethorpes
32David Willerton45-30Wolds Vets
33Ade Glen45-45Spa Steamers
34Andy Ely45-48Cleethorpes
35Martin Chapman45-48Skegness & District
36Russel Bright46-13Spa Steamers
37Ian Ruddock46-40Boston CR
38Martin Clements46-51Unattached
39Ian Russell47-02Skegness & District
40Alistair Frost47-13Skegness & District
41Rod Burton47-25Caistor
42Nic Foreman47-36Cleethorpes
43John Burton47-47Boston CR
44Ian Smith48-16Cleethorpes
45Chloe Ogley48-38Cleethorpes
46Ruth Edison48-45Louth
47Simon Pickwell49-20Boston CR
48Michael Longshaw49-21Unattached
49John Roberton49-21Unattached
50Ben Johnson49-22Lincoln Wellington
51Scott Upsall49-27Unattached
52Molly McKay49-33Skegness & District
53Dave Kenyan49-38Skegness & District
54Eddie Enright49-41Louth
55Chris Hurst49-51Skegness & District
56David Young50-20Skegness Coasters
57Jonathan Kerry50-23Skegness & District
58John Secker51-00Unattached
59Paul Dunkley51-23Unattached
60Chris Wright51-28Unattached
61Helen Fletcher51-30Spa Steamers
62Sarah Wydell51-31Wolds Vets
63Jane Hill51-33Cleethorpes
64Lauren Brown51-35Spa Steamers
65Helen Blair51-45Skegness & District
66Peter Mittertreiner51-48Boston Tri
67Charmane Holgate52-25Skegness & District
68Shawn Thomas52-33Skegness & District
69Bob Green52-43Skegness & District
70Emily Gelder52-45Skegness & District
71Sarah Coleman52-50Cleethorpes
72Andrew Gristwood52-51Cleethorpes
73Becky Lee53-05Skegness & District
74Anthony Bretton53-28Boston CR
75Janet Harmston53-28Skegness Coasters
76Zoe Brown53-55Unattached
77Kim Pittam54-09Boston CR
78Liz Cannon54-12Boston Tri
79Kim Ward Pawson54-12Unattached
80Ian Lawrence54-14Unattached
81Diana Fryer54-30Unattached
82Nicola Adams55-12Unattached
83Donna Adlard55-12Unattached
84Daniel Simpson55-18Boston CR
85Caroline Bailey55-22Unattached
86Sarah Smith55-27Skegness & District
87Lee Bache55-45Skegness & District
88Clare Koslow55-51Louth
89Jo Barnsley56-07Cleethorpes
90Gayle Robbins56-07Cleethorpes
91Odette Arundel56-17Skegness & District
92Katrina Wolster56-21Cleethorpes
93Lisa Smith56-38Skegness & District
94Brian Lee56-55Unattached
95Richard Barnett57-07Skegness & District
96Georgina Bache57-16Skegness & District
97Marina Carr57-25Unattached
98Samantha Franks57-31Cleethorpes
99Jo Patrick57-41Sleaford Striders
100Sue Patrick57-41Sleaford Striders
101Adam Leggett57-52Unattached
102Jackie Rhodes57-53Skegness Coasters
103Rebecca Atkinson57-54Unattached
104Jane Martin58-03Skegness & District
105Charlotte Armsby58-18Skegness & District
106Tanya Knight58-33Boston CR
107Rachel Conway58-33Boston CR
108Victoria Edwards58-41Skegness & District
109Mel Portlock58-46Cleethorpes
110Matty Portlock58-48Cleethorpes
111Sally Cadle58-49Skegness & District
112Maria Yuill58-54Skegness & District
113Alan Buckberry59-11Sleaford Striders
114Emily Avison59-20Skegness Coasters
115Steph Scott59-21Skegness & District
116Emmajean Hearn59-22Skegness & District
117Hilary Speller59-27Skegness & District
118Sarah Thomas59-27Skegness & District
119Kerry Green60-04Skegness & District
120Jayne Wallis60-12Unattached
121Avril Stone60-24Skegness & District
122Lora Hawkins62-14Skegness & District
123Becky Goodrick62-15UK Mud Queens
124Sarah Burton62-57Boston CR
125Nina Smith62-59Cleethorpes
126Laura Stott Alworthy63-13Lincoln Wellington
127Lisa Musson63-18Mablethorpe
128Sue Smith63-44Skegness Coasters
129Ken Jackson64-51Louth
130Sam Jenson Martin65-06Cleethorpes
131Neil Toyne65-33Cleethorpes
132Hayley Swallow65-33Unattached
133Jim Millar66-24Sleaford Striders
134Barry Norton67-30Skegness & District
135Amanda Brown68-51Spa Steamers
136Louise Darrington70-39Skegness & District
137Carol Daulat70-52Skegness & District
138Janel Norton70-54Skegness & District
139Katy Taylor71-22Skegness & District
140Helena Shelton71-47Skegness & District
141Louise Willey75-57Mablethorpe
142Helen Rice Mundy75-57Mablethorpe
143Cara Hockham75-58Mablethorpe