The name of the club shall be ‘Skegness and District Running Club’. The club was established in November 2014. Skegness and District Running Club prides itself in promoting a warm and friendly experience for all levels of runners, whilst promoting and helping all members improve their running and achieve their full potential. Skegness and District Running Club welcomes members within a 25 mile radius of Skegness.


  1. To provide the opportunity to enhance runners experience of competitive and social running via organised training sessions and support as a group to participate in District and local events, and races throughout the UK.
  1. To affiliate to UKA and the National Association (England Athletics) and to comply with the Rules and Regulations of UKA and IAAF, ensuring members uphold and respect the said rules.
  1. To ensure all members are supported by fully qualified coaches, First Aiders and   insurance.
  1. We aim to enable and actively encourage any interested members to gain leadership and

      coaching skills and qualifications.


The meeting places for Club nights are as follows:-

Tuesday evenings      New Life Centre, Church Street, Spilsby, Lincs at 6.30 pm

Thursday evenings     Princess Royal Sports Arena, Boston, 7.00 pm

Friday evenings  The Crown Hotel, Drummond Road, Skegness, Lincs 6.30 pm

Club nights will be lead by a Running Leader and vary week by week to ensure all aspects of technique, form and fitness are covered.

Other Club sessions

Throughout the week other sessions/group runs are organised throughout the District to ensure inclusivity for all members. These diverse sessions and group runs are planned so all level of members are able to join in and benefit. Activities include, social runs, hill training, trail and off road runs , cross country etc. Social runs are usually organised each week unless there is a a local event/race taking part that day.  These may cover the 25 miles radius including Boston, Horncastle, Old Bolingbroke and Spilsby to name but a few. The Running Leader and committee also aims to organise the following Club events:

  1. Handicap race for Club members
  1. Representation at local Cross Country league
  1. Relay and Team Races
  1. And a variety of activities and races, enhanced with camping, weekend challenges and other social meets. We are committed in participating in a variety of events and races, which will be posted on our Website


The colours of the Club shall be Black and Orange, and as per the rules of affiliations shall be worn when members participate in any event on behalf of the Club, under the relevant athletics rules applicable to the Club. To be eligible for Club records and any Club completion, a member must have entered an event as a Club Member and wear the club kit/colours. All vests and hoodies can be ordered through Helena & Andy Shelton.


Management of the Club shall be vested in a Committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Run Coordinators, Club photographer, Race Coordinator and elected members.

  1. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other Committee members as required shall be nominated and elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  1. Nominations, duly seconded shall be submitted either in writing or verbally to the secretary at the AGM. Only members entitled to attend and vote at the AGM can propose or second nomination. Only members willing to serve shall be nominated. Vacancies occurring between AGMs shall be filled at the discretion of the Committee.
  1. Term of office for the Committee members shall be only year to the next AGM, when they shall automatically retire be eligible for re-election.


The AGM shall be held in April of each year or, in exceptional circumstances and with the Committee approval, as soon as possible thereafter. Notice of meetings, with the agenda shall be given to all members at least 14 days before the date of the meeting. A member may propose any matter for discussion at any meeting under ‘any other business’ provided notice is given to the secretary, at least verbally, prior to the commencement of the meeting. Meetings will include Chairman/Vice Chairman Report(s), Treasurers Report as to the financial position of the Club and there should be a minimum of six meetings during the year. Minutes of the meetings shall be available to all members of the Club following verification.


The financial year end of the Club shall be twelve months ended 31st March. Financial affairs shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer.


A bank account shall be kept in the name of the Club, at a bank approved by the Committee. This account will be used to hold money received by the Club and also to facilitate payments due by the club. The bank account is currently at Lloyds Bank, Skegness. The club treasurer and welfare officer shall be authorized to sign cheques drawn on the club’s account.


Membership of the Club will be at the discretion of the Committee. The subscription period shall cover a 12 month period from 1st April, on which date subscriptions are immediately due. Application for membership may be made by existing and prospective new members. New members will normally be expected to apply for membership after a familiarisation period not to exceed 1 month. Members may join the Club on a second claim basis. Second claim members shall enjoy the same membership entitlement as first claim members but with the following exceptions/rules:

  1. Second claim members will not be entitled to vote at AGM or any EGM
  1. Second claim members do not qualify for Club London Marathon places, as these are allocated by the organisers pro rata the number of first claim members.
  1. No refund of any subscription shall be made for any reason including injury, termination of membership or retirement from the club. The committee shall be permitted to withdraw membership from any Member.
  1. Club records may only be set if the member has entered the race as a club member and wear club colours.


If a member has a grievance against the Club or individual(s) then the Grievance Procedure as laid down on England Athletics website will be followed (separate document which can be requested).


A Member may withdraw from membership of the Club on one month’s clear notice to the Club. Membership shall not be transferable in any event.


Under the provision of the Data Protection Act, all members are advised that personal membership data is held on computer records. Individual objections to these arrangements must be made known to the Secretary