Seventy two beginners graduate from the four Couch to 5K courses that were completed this week

What a great week it has been at Skegness & District Running Club, seeing 72 beginners graduate through the Couch to 5K course. Four evenings of absolute joy ( and hard work ) starting with Spilsby on Tuesday, Horncastle on Wednesday, Boston on Thursday and last but not least Skegness on the Friday. A massive well done to all of the runners who took part and also the volunteers who made this happen.
Spilsby C25KTimeHorncastle C25K TimeBoston C25KTimeSkegness C25KTime
Ben Willerton28.12Susie Jackson30.00Martin Beagley26.52Ian Dexter27.48
Ian Walker29.08Tim Bohan30.11Rachel Shores27.53Lora Hawkins29.57
Dawn Cawston29.29Tracey Collings32.43Ruth Archer32.15Adam Cartledge29.59
Sarah Tuplin29.31Beth woods34.02Mandy Anthony32.32Rob Goddard32.17
Lee Sharpe30.58Mindy Read34.57Elaine Mitchell32.43Emma Upjohn32.37
Gerry Spooner31.41Sally Speed34.57Shaun McGarry32.43Sophie Booth33.22
Amber Willerton33.17Kobe Sandiford35.52Stephen Firth33.02Linda Bradley34.18
Ian Stockdale33.28Alex Hollis35.52Beth Doig33.29Graham Bunn36.26
Rebecca Clayton34.27Karen Stott36.10Claire Wright34.09Karen Barton37.15
Jade Kirman34.38Yvonne Thomas37.12Sue Ellen Wilson34.31Mark Cairns37.29
Claire Herberts35.20Becky Hopwood37.34Sharon Priestly34.42Dave Hazeldon38.13
Jo Johnson36.36Claire Howden37.34Tracey Edwards35.38Donna Brass39.33
Tina North38.54Dawn Sykes37.40Joanne Melson36.10Jane Punyer41.48
Steve Beaumont42.09Frankie Pagram37.46Kim Burrell36.29Ria Punyer41.48
Michelle Hannah38.07Denise Andrew38.17Lynsey Price42.55
Amanda Porter40.33Katy Belcher39.16Carol Rippin47.25
Amanda Hodgson42.53Laura Langford40.37
Grace Clarke42.53Molly Andrew41.47
Catherine Billington43.44Maureen McMillon44.07
Lisa Firth44.09
Andrea Allen44.21
Tracey Mitchell44.22
Jemma Cooper48.22

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